The Grounds

A 2 acre lot, with deep water dock for your boating access.  Enjoy a wetlands area that attracts birds and bald eagles can be witnessed in all their splendor.


A Natural Preserve

You wake up.... make your coffee.... and take a short walk to the dock.

You are about to have a moment.  A moment with the sounds of beauty.  The sweet smell of the salt air.  The sounds of redfish boiling up in the bay.  Blue Heron and Pelicans fly by for a visit.  Yes.... this is the backyard that you always dreamt of.  Bring your favorite book or just throw your towel down and catch some rays.  These moments only come around once in a while.  These moments at Bay Time.

The Bay Is Your Backyard!

Get ready to feel the presence of nature in a new way.  Get ready for Bay Time's special touch.... The Bay!  With it's stunning sunrises and beautiful breezes.  It's time to go to the bottom of the page and reserve your spot.


The Long Perfect Walk

We just know this:  People that come here cherish our dock!  We can't wait for you to create your own memories out there.


Bring A Friend

Yes.... a perfect place to have a chat with your kids as they drop a fishing line in the water.  It doesn't get any better than that.


Every Morning!

If only we could provide you with a butler to bring the coffee to you!

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